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Garmin Forerunner 935 Premium GPS running/triathlon watch with wrist-based heart rate Smartphone compatibility

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Garmin Forerunner 935 will help you monitor your training and recovery so you can better prepare for a race or training cycle. Training status is a new performance monitoring tool that automatically evaluates your recent exercise history and performance indicators to let you know if you’re training productively, peaking or overreaching.

Garmin Forerunner 935 Premium GPS running/triathlon watch

Forerunner 935 measure crucial running metrics that you can use to analyze your performance. Biomechanical measurements such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio are the key to understanding your form so you can bring your best on race day.

Forerunner 935 lets you change things up with ease thanks to built-in activity profiles for running (indoor/outdoor), cycling (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool/open water), cross-country skiing, paddle sports, trail running, hiking, strength training and many more. For brick workouts and du/triathlon races, the auto multisport feature lets you switch sports with just one button press. The 935 is compatible with advanced workouts for running, cycling — and even pool swimming.

Forerunner 935 also gives you access to automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, audio prompts, music controls and more.

Forerunner 935 gives you the option to tap into much more data with the addition of a compatible heart rate strap. A chest strap heart rate monitor (like HRM-Run or HRM-Tri) unlocks advanced features such as lactate threshold and the HRV (heart rate variability) stress test.

Premium GPS running/triathlon watch with wrist-based heart rate; Strap material : silicone ; Smartphone compatibility : iPhone, Android, Windows.

Offers advanced running and multisport Features in a comfortable watch you can wear all day, and it only weighs 49 grams.

Provides elevation changes with a built-in barometer; altimeter and electronic compass help you keep your bearings.

Evaluates your training status to indicate if you’re undertraining or overdoing it and offers additional performance monitoring Features.

Provides advanced dynamics for running, cycling and swimming, including ground contact time balance, stride length and more.

Garmin Forerunner 935 Premium GPS running/triathlon watch

Garmin Forerunner 935 Premium GPS running/triathlon watch Pros and cons


  • Battery life is incredible
  • GPS locks on very fast when you’re out in about.
  • -HR 24/7 monitor is pretty accurate compared to a Basis.
  • Notifications (connecting your smartphone with this watch) are easy to read when they pop up during a run. Almost anything that allows you alerts to your phone you can redirect it to the watch
  • You have the option to update your watch in three different ways, which does give you options depending on where you’re at.
  • Create your personal data screen, training modes (Almost any sport you can think of), recovery hours, etc. (you have a lot).
  • The band fits nice without and rash or irritation.
  • Built in Wi-Fi is way better than using Bluetooth for uploading your workouts.


  • The mapping only has a line to be followed, not much detail on your terrain.
  •  Don’t have the option to reply back when your notifications pop up.
  • No ability to play music from it.
  •  Firmware glitches such as editing only on alarm, auto uploading delay, GPS enabling for specific sports, and some others that have already been fixed.
  • Notice that public networks with filters will prevent the watch to be updated via Wi-Fi.
  •  Customization has to mainly be done on the watch and not on the app.
  •  HR monitor will not work if you’re swimming as you’ll need to get an HR strap.




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