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Minecraft: Three New Maps Arrived|Cheat Codes

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This week in Java Realms we’ve got three thrilling new maps for you to tackle: a crafting challenge, a modern twist on a classic board game, and a fleet of high-flying ships to explore. It’s a short and quick release this time around, so let’s hop right in!


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The Crafting Cube is a Minecrafter’s Minecraft map! It doesn’t test your skill in blasting aliens, moving pieces around a board, or even jumping between blocks that hover over the void; this is a pure test of Minecraft knowledge. Players are given a recipe, then asked to craft that item. Easy! But that dispenser contains redstone, and I can’t mine that with my wooden pick. Iron will work, but first I need a furnace, and a crafting table before that! If you’ve internalized the quickest way to obtain an item by climbing the Minecraft tech tree, you’re going to have a sizable advantage.


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Tic Tac Toe, or Noughts and Crosses, is a game that many of us played as children. Since it’s a “solved” game, where perfect play is well-known and results in a draw every time, it’s not a popular game at board gaming nights. But what if you made a 3×3 board of 3×3 boards, and your piece placement determined where your opponent would play next? Thinking a step ahead is easy, but thinking multiple steps ahead while trying not to give your opponent an easy win is much more challenging!


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NM Corporation is a new map to Realms’ Inspiration category. Your goal here is whatever you’d like: observe, explore, and take inspiration from the builds here. Are you an aspiring creator looking to blast off into space, or maybe you want to fill your newly-updated oceans with transport ships? If you’re interested in this kind of map, we suggest you study the designs carefully, then try to come up with your own variants. Good luck!




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