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Mini Projector,Portable Pico Video Projector Android 7.1 for iPhone and Android phone,HD 1080P 120″ Home Theater

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Mini Projector, Portable Pico Video Projector Android 7.1 for iPhone and Android phone, HD 1080P 120″ Home Theater, Support Wired and Wireless Same Screen by AEHR

Mini Projecto ,Portable

The mini home projector has a projection image size of 30”-120” with projection distance 1m-3m, which will provides a big-screen experience whether you’re watching a movie or a football game.

The image size only can be adjusted by changing the distance. The portable projector distance is about 3 m with the image size of 130 “, which can bring big screen entertainment for you. At the same time, this small video projector with automatic keystone.

NEW UPGRADE : AEHR mini projector just as small as an iPhone 8P.Weigh about 0.58 lb, easy to carry. Android 7.1 system runs faster and supports USB same screen. Connect USB cable, Enter the unlock password in the pop-up window, Autocomplete the same screen.

WITH THE SCREEN: AEHR mini projector perfect support multiple devices with the screen. You can use happycast and airplay with the screen function connect to iPhone and iPad. Use happycast and WIFI display with the screen function connect to android.

FEATURES: Pico projector with both off-axis effect and Keystone Correction. We choose to highlight H3S DLP, brighter, richer color, higher contrast(2000:1),mini dlp projector support 1080p. Use the mobile power to charge. Smart projector with the screen via hotspot.

MORE SCENES: Pico mini projector can use for home theater, business events, work conference, social, party, outdoor, etc. Can use the video mini projector to watch live, movies, play games, share happiness. Please try to use in dark scenes.

Wireless Same Screen
Connect android phone to mini projector
Android device and the portable Projector are connect with same WIFI.
Open wifi display or happycast app in this mini projector
Open the Android Multi—Screen, search for equipment and choose to connect the device.
The mini projection screen pops up the Android device, choose to accept, and then the Android device and the projector to achieve the connection.

Mini Projector Portable AEHR

How to Connect iPhone and iPad to mini projector ?

  • iPhone and the portable projector are connected to the same WIFI.
  • Open happycast app in this mini projector.
  • Open Airplay Mirroring in iPhone to search equipment, click to achieve iPhone large screen delivery.
  • Close Airplay Mirroring to disconnect.

Upgrade happycast of mini projector

Open Happycast it will automatically upgrade.
Manually upgrade, in the home page, use up button on the remote control to enter the menu, choose the settings to select the version update.

Mini Projector,Portable pico

Portable Pico Video Projecto review

Good quality image Support 1080P. Can get the 35 to 120 inches of screen. The 35 inches screen is very clear even in a day light when projected on to a wall with white back ground . Good battery backup , can get 2 hours continues video viewing with audio .Can be charged with a mobile power supply? Easy to connect to external devices and using the apps to mirror the screen. Warranty from the seller shows the quality and confidence about the product . Comes with a remote control, USB cable and tripod.

Biggest issue with this Portable Pico Video Projector  is that the remote will not turn the projector on, you must press the power button on the back of the projector itself.

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