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The Best Action Scenes of 2019 (HD)

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The Best Action Scenes of 2012 (HD) The Best Action Scenes of 2019 (HD)

Let’s take a few minutes and recap the most over-the-top action sequences of the year to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries (R. Wagner). Enjoy! LIST OF MOVIES IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: Red Tails Red Dawn The Avengers Dredd 3D Resident Evil: Retribution Wrath of the Titans Chronicle Wreck-It-Ralph Underworld: Awakening Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter The Raid: Redemption The Man With The Iron Fists The Dark Knight Rises Total Recall Looper John Carter Alex Cross Lockout Looper Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance The Amazing Spider-Man Django Unchained Prometheus Taken 2 The Hunger Games Haywire The Bourne Legacy Skyfall The Expendables II This Means War Step Up: Revolution Wrath of the Titans Cloud Atlas Red Tails The Avengers Battleship

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