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Victrix Pro AF Xbox One Wired Gaming Headset with Active Noise Cancellation

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The Victrix Pro AF Gaming Headset is the world’s most advanced esports headset, designed for competitive players both on LAN and online, as well as a premier experience for the everyday gamer at home.

Victrix Pro AF Gaming Headset

What makes  headsets so unique? 

First is  Active Noise Cancellation technology- it eliminates 70% of background noise so that you can concentrate on the game you are playing, not the noise going on around you.

2nd is  Cobra Microphone- originally created for the Cobra attack helicopter and its violent 120dB unpressurized cockpit, this boom mic ensures you can communicate in the loudest environments.

And finally Comfort-  built the lightest esports headset ever. It’s light but tough due to the aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel structures, lightweight polycarbonate and precision mechanical engineering. And for those long hours of game play, the Victrix Pro AF features a unique cooling system that provides instant relief to the player.

Patent pending mechanical levers open the earcup vents to release heat and humidity without losing team communication at any time. Add all of this to an In-Line Controller with two different settings (Mode 1 is ideal for heightened senses in immediate surroundings, while MODE 2 gives you a sonic picture of the overall stage, guiding fast moving players towards the action) and VIP Tech Support (each Victrix product is laser engraved with the mobile phone number of a dedicated tech to provide 24 hour technical troubleshooting and service) and you’ll see why Victrix Pro AF is the new level in gaming hardware.

Victrix Pro AF Gaming Headset

Victrix Pro AF Gaming Headset Main Features

  • Active Noise Cancellation technology reduces 70% of background noise with 4 dedicated microphones actively listening to the surrounding environment
  • Boom mic, originally created for the 120dB unpressurized cockpit of the Cobra attack helicopter, ensures communication in the loudest environments
  • Never before seen mechanical levers open earcup vents to release heat and humidity for increased comfort during long hours of gameplay
  • Victrix Pro AF Gaming Headset: In-Line Controller brings you full audio customization, hosting features such as Mic Gain, Mic Monitor and the ability to alter your audio experience depending on your role on a team or in a game
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